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•    Strengthen Cartilage Tissue
•    Supplement synovial fluid  on joint surfaces and increase joint flexibility
•    Antioxidant, skin firming and wrinkles reduction

All extract are imported from USA, France, Germany, New Zealand and Switzerland

Presenting Koncern for healthy joints to you and your beloved ones today

Presenting gift for healthy joints to you and your beloved ones today by Koncern

Bio – Shark Cartilage
Bio collagen Type – II from Shark Cartilage is used to relief osteoarthritis. It is important for strengthening Cartilage Tissue on joints. Collagen Type II is able to enhance the strengthening more than other type. When taken through the scientific process via “BIO” molecular form. It is truly symbiotic. As a result, the treatment is more effective than medication in the form of chemicals.
When eating constantly, it enhances the strength of cartilage and to stimulate the synthesis of new cells to replace the corroded away.
It helps to enhance the lubricating fluid in the joints and allows the flexibility and mobility can be improved. It reduces pain, reduce the use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Moreover, Glycosaminoglycan (GAGs) substances in Bio – Shark Cartilage help to prevent cancer as well.

Calcium Amino Acid Chelate
A source of new calcium that is truly symbiotic. The absorption rate of about 75-90% or more. Calcium amino acid chelate absorption is better than milk, 60%. Calcium amino acid chelate absorption is better than general calcium, 80%. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis, prevents osteoporosis and helps to prevent fractures in the elderly.

Collagen Hydrolyses

Collagen from fish through scientific process for the collagen of different sizes and lengths are shorter as known as hydrolyses process. As a result, the body has absorbed and the protein collagen is used in the process, strengthen cartilage. Antioxidant skin smooth and firm and reduce wrinkles. 
The medical use of collagen protein in the care of osteoarthritis.
Because the protein collagen, cartilage and skin of the elderly will be reduced. The athletes or who use their joint hardly will increase the chance of erosion of cartilage. Protein collagen will help build up the new cartilage tissue.

According to research, the science direct. The Japanese researchers, Yoshihiro Nomura Ph.D.
In this research, the ovaries of mammals were removed to simulate menopause when hormones decrease. When they eating shark cartilage, bone cells can create bone tissue, skin, similar to the mammals that the ovaries were not removed (this is similar to a typical teenage hormones). The effects of eating shark cartilage can create new skin better than any other fish and milk as X-ray images that show via top right and bottom right, respectively.


Preventative health treatment
You should invest in your health in order to obtain a good health and to avoid medical expenses such as the surgery.


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